Amanda Michael

Artist Austin, TX

Born and Raised in a dysfunctional town in New Mexico, I was raised to believe in art, nature and love. But then I got beat up in elementary school, so now I’m cynical as all hell. In 2000 I moved to Austin, TX, and after 15 years here, I now consider myself a full fledged Austinite.

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Itty Kitties and Space Kitties have been featured products in the following retail stores:

  • Austin, TX: The Burlap Bag and Guzu Gallery
  • Denton, TX: The DIME Store
  • Houston, TX: The Tinderbox.
  • Chicago, IL: Rudy’s Roundup.

I have sold my items at the following Craft Fairs and Conventions:
DIME (formerly Etsy Denton) in Denton, TX- Every Spring and Fall of 2010 – 2013
Wizard World Austin Comic Convention – Fall 2010 and Fall 2011
Austin Craft Riot – Summer 2012
Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX – Spring 2012 – 2015
Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, TX – Spring 2013
Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin, TX – Winter 2013


University of North Texas

BFA Fiber Art


photography fiber arts studio art graphic design toy making


portrait photography sewing embroidery weaving screenprinting photoshop illustrator photo retouching/editing